“Life is like a box of chocolates, You never know what you’re gonna get.”

Our Individual Workshops will be launching soon in conjunction with the Entertainment Book Johannesburg.

Individual chocolate workshops cater specifically for individuals that do not want to make a group booking, but would like to join a workshop with other individuals.The recipes demonstrated during the workshop changes from time to time but will always include chocolate.

Please contact us to find out the details of the next workshop.

Minimum 12 people per booking
Duration: 3 hours

A chocolatier will guide you through the fascinating history of chocolate while you sample plenty of chocolate. After the recipe demonstration you will have the opportunity to get creative and make your own chocolates.

This indulgent experience includes the following:

Taste exotic flavoured chocolate and guess the secret ingredients.

Learn interesting facts about the history of chocolate and how it came about that chocolate is flavoured with weird and wonderful ingredients.

Discover how to create 4 fantastic recipes – Vanilla Cream Truffles, Dark Chocolate Fudge, Caramelized Almonds and Italian Almond Praline.

Truffles will be piped, chilled and will then serve as the centre of your own hand-made truffles when you dip them into the melted chocolate and roll in cocoa powder.

Cut, Dip & Decorate your own hand made, fudge-centred chocolates.

Depart with ribbon tied boxes and cellophane bags filled with your own hand made treats.

Includes your own recipe pamphlet with recipes and tips to try at home!

It is said that All You Need Is Love… And who doesn’t love chocolate!

Dipped and Dusted offers couples its sweetest feast yet: an interactive, decadent desert table that will have wedding guests delighted and entertained.

Your wedding dessert table will be covered with big bowls of melted chocolate, dark chocolate fudge, caramalized almonds, coconut flakes, gold dust, and gorgeous handmade truffles.

Guests will have everything they need to make a few handmade chocolates with 3 different fillings: fresh cream truffles, dark chocolate fudge and guinduja (caramalized almonds and milk chocolate).

And the greatest treat of all? Your guests can take home their spoils!

There are sure to be no complaints when guests find they have prepared their very own Thank You gifts from the bride and groom – made just the way they want it and sealed with a kiss, in a beautiful box, and finished off with the bride and groom’s initials on it.

Minimum 12 people per booking
Duration: 1,5 to 2 hours

The image of people clinking their glasses of bubbly together in celebration is embedded in our psyche. Pairing chocolate making with sparkling wine will melt the hearts of everyone involved.

This workshop includes the following:

Sparkling wine and a dedicated team member who will ensure that your glass remains filled with tiny bubbles while you try your hand at piping delicious dark chocolate truffles.

Big bowls of melted chocolate – white, milk and dark – for you to enjoy.

Cut shapes out of toffee fudge, cover in chocolate and decorate in order to create your own fudge-centred chocolates.

Create handmade chocolate treats from fluffy marshmallows, wavers, strawberries and a variety of decorations such as caramel crunch, vermicelli and coconut flakes.

End the workshop by packaging your hand made creations in cellophane bags, tied with pretty ribbons.

Depart satisfied, happy and impressed with your chocolate making skills.

Minimum 10 people per booking
Duration: 2 hours

This decadent workshop is guaranteed to be a sure-fire hit with your top clients, colleagues and anyone wanting to have a decadent, indulgent experience with chocolate.

Start the workshop with a chocolate vodka martini in a decadent chocolate swirled glass.

Discover interesting facts about the fascinating history of chocolate while sampling exotic flavoured chocolate.

Team up with the person next to you to flavour and create your own fresh cream truffles.

Cut, mould and dip toffee fudge that will serve as the centre of your own hand made chocolates.

Fresh strawberries and fluffy marshmallows are served for you to dip into the big bowls of melted chocolate.

Decorate your truffles and fudge centred chocolates with luxurious toppings including gold dust, white chocolate flakes, caramelized almonds, cocoa powder and vermicelli.

Each person will make approximately 10 to 20 chocolates in addition to the chocolate tastings.

Depart with ribbon tied boxes and cellophane bags filled with your own hand made treats.

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