Nine out of ten people love chocolate…and the tenth person is usually lying.

Whether you are planning to treat your top clients,  inspire your employees or you’d like to arrange a teambuilding  to remember, chocolate is the perfect medium!
Minimum 10 people per booking
Duration: 5 to 6 hours

Money talks. Chocolate sings – especially when paired with champagne!

This fun, creative and indulgent workshop is a fantastic team-building activity that can be enjoyed by everyone. Dipped and Dusted will introduce you to the world of chocolate legends and the art of chocolate-making!

This is a workshop designed to make you think. Teams will be selected and will receive a chocolate branding mission designed to test their creative skills and strengths.

We guarantee a high level of creativity, and a little friendly competition, with a judging panel and company sponsored prizes.

A golden envelope is presented to each group with your chocolate mission inside:

  • Each team’s task is to create chocolates for a specific market segment.
  • Creative thinking within the team in order to create chocolate packaging.
  • Learn a new skill – Cut, Dip and Decorate your own hand-made chocolates.
  • Teams must race against the clock to conceptualize, create and present their final products.
  • Presentation skills get put to the test with our tough judging panel.

Guests depart with ribbon tied boxes and bags filled with their creations.

Minimum 10 people per booking
Duration: 2 hours

This decadent workshop is guaranteed to be a sure-fire hit with your top clients, colleagues and anyone wanting to have a decadent, indulgent experience with chocolate.

Start the workshop with a chocolate vodka martini in a decadent chocolate swirled glass.

Discover interesting facts about the fascinating history of chocolate while sampling exotic flavoured chocolate.
Team up with the person next to you to flavour and create your own fresh cream truffles.

Cut, mould and dip toffee fudge that will serve as the centre of your own hand made chocolates.
Fresh strawberries and fluffy marshmallows are served for you to dip into the big bowls of melted chocolate.

Decorate your truffles and fudge centred chocolates with luxurious toppings including gold dust, white chocolate flakes, caramelized almonds, cocoa powder and vermicelli.

Each person will make approximately 10 to 20 chocolates in addition to the chocolate tastings.

Depart with ribbon tied boxes and cellophane bags filled with your own hand made treats

Minimum 8 people per booking
Duration: 2,5 hours

This workshop was designed especially for guests that dream of being a chocolate connossoir. It includes four decadent chocolate pairings that can be tailored. You will also have the opportunity to create your own cherry cream truffles and other handmade chocolate treats.

Pairing 1:
Green tea with Barry Callerbaut Couverture white chocolate, spiced with cardamom.

Pairing 2:
Single Malt Whiskey paired with giunduja. (An Italian delicacy)

Pairing 3:
Robusta coffee paired with dark chocolate truffles. Truffles are made from Barry Callerbaut Dark Couverture.

Pairing 4:
House of Coffees Mocha Java paired with Barry Callerbaut Supreme 70% dark chocolate.

After the pairings, guests will have the opportunity to get creative by creating their own handmade chocolate treats.

Guests will pipe delicious fresh cream dark chocolate truffles.

Big bowls of melted chocolate – white, milk and dark – will be served with marshmallows, fresh strawberries and wavers. Finish off your chocolate creations with a selection of toppings – vermicelli, ground up almonds and coconut.

Depart with ribbon tied boxes filled with your chocolate creations.

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